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level, you look at all the economic indicators, and it would suggest that we' re in bad shape." NEW HAMPSHIRE CRUCIAL BATTLEGROUND The site for the first major Republican debate is


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tional linkages." RCMP assistant commissioner Wayne Rideout said the suspects were both Canadian born who had "self-radicalized." He listed Nuttall as age 38 and Korody at 28 or 2.


t to be appointed. Leading Sao Paulo daily Folha earlier this week published a story accusing Novais of paying his household staff with public money, including both the maid and hi.

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icipated by politicians and analysts, according to several U.S. media projections Tuesday night. CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, citing exit polls, all projected Republicans' win of the .

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commission will be similar to panels created to investigate the space shuttle Challenger disaster and the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, and no current government employe.

ent to the military "Mausoleum of the Second Front" in the eastern province of Granma, 901 km from Havana, to receive appropriate military honors. The date of transfer and burial w.

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