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mission in Washington D.C., capital of the United States, March 31, 2011. Gates on Thursday said that no one will be able to predict how long the military mission in Libya will t


l a Swedish cartoonist. In addition to combating the more conventional form of terrorism, the United States is also gearing up to thwart possible nuclear terrorism activities. U.S.


the U.S. labor market was improving gradually, the nation's jobless rate was projected to remain high at the end of 2012, the U.S. Federal Reserve said on Wednesday. The central b.


authorities. Special Report: Occupy Wall Street: the wake-up call NEW YORK, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) -- Occupy Wall Street protesters said on Thursday that they plan to stay in Zuccotti p.


d not cut back on his working hours, as there were still many projects under the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC) to be inaugurated. There has been public criticism over the slow .

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low against his Republican competitors on the biggest single day of the Republican presidential nomination race, leaving the status quo basically unchanged. ROMNEY WINS, NOT OVERWH.

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nearby houses. Local TV footage showed the water level reached the second floor of the homes, and surged with enough power to knock down brick walls. A three-year-old girl, identifi.

l year 2011, 28 billion dollars over the next five years, and more than 60 billion over the next 10 years. But Obama warned that to reduce too much budget may drag the economic re.

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