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g speech to welcome leaders of the world's industrialized nations and majoremerging economies to the first plenary session of the two-day event with the global economic crisis on

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ecades, the United States must play a leading role by strengthening and broadening our alliances, building new partnerships, and enhancing capacity of multilateral organizations.

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r the day, U.S. State Department spokesman Phillip Crowley said that the United States still remains skeptical of Iran's motives in Afghanistan. On Monday in Kabul, Karzai acknowl

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he bill, passed last week by the House of Representatives and the Senate respectively, contains sanctions targeting Iran's energy and banking sectors. Under the bill, businesses t

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victory." "Undoubtedly, the ruling party won a significant victory yesterday, but the wizard (the opposition bloc) tried to manipulate the results of the elections. I condemn this

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Though the Brazilian community in Japan is large, amounting to 254,000, only some 800 lived in the area devastated by the quake and tsunami and now affected by the nuclear acciden

一个人被几个人糟蹋的视频 -714ww·com

by the Obama administration is seen as part of a campaign to get other nuclear nations to be more forthcoming, and to improve its bargaining position against Iran, which is accus